These 11 wallpaper inspirations give you an elegant impression in the kitchen and dining room

Wall wallpapers can be an alternative to give a different atmosphere to your kitchen and dining room. Adjust it to the interior style you are using.


Wall wallpapers can be an alternative to make your kitchen look beautiful.

The variety of colors and motifs of the wallpaper can eliminate the monotonous impression in the kitchen.

You can adjust the motif to the interior in your residence.

By making the kitchen beautiful, you can be more enthusiastic in carrying out various activities in the kitchen.

If you are still confused about the right motive, see the inspiration for wallpaper to look bold and attractive.

Reporting from Elle Decor , here are 11 wall wallpaper inspirations that can be applied to your kitchen:

Toile Wallpaper


This home kitchen designed by Sarah Wittenbraker looks beautiful with the presence of toile wall wallpapers.

This area is dominated by a bright blue color that makes the kitchen look fresher.

While the presence of wallpaper seems to balance the kitchen with its softness.

Botanical Wallpaper


With a simple motif, this wallpaper looks warm when applied in this kitchen.

The combination of wallpaper colors with aluminum material dominance looks just right.

You will definitely feel at home for long in the kitchen of the house.

Purple Wallpaper Motif Graphic


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