Segera REDEEM! Kode Redeem Free Fire Terbaru Oktober 2020


Kode Redeem FF Oktober 2020 Terbaru – Update siang hari ini masih mengenai kode redeem ff terbaru

Garena Free Fire merupakan games yang banyak disukai saat ini. Para Survivor Free Fire juga terus berusaha mendapatkan info kode redeem terbaru

Untuk melihat info kode redeem terbaru di bulan oktober 2020 ini kamu bisa kunjungi halaman berikut ini Kode Redeem FF Oktober 2020

There is good news for those of you who are already looking forward to the arrival of the new Bundle that can be exchanged for using the Magic Cube !

Starting on October 6, 2020 tomorrow, you can exchange the Golden Bell and Imperial Corps Bundles using the Magic Cube at the Shop, you know!

What does the Bundle look like and how do I get one? Come see the discussion below!

Golden Bell and Imperial Corps Bundle view

Golden Bell is a bundle inspired by ghost legends from China. Instead of being scary, this female ghost is very cute in all blue clothes.The Imperial Corps Bundle consists of 4 parts: Headwear, Top, Bottom, and Shoes.

Imperial Corps is an all-black male army uniform bundle that makes your character even more manly. Having appeared at Gold Royale last June, this is an opportunity for those of you who don’t have this Bundle!

How to Get the Golden Bell and Imperial Corps Bundle
To redeem this Bundle, you can visit Shop> Redeem> Magic Cube . You need 1 Magic Cube to exchange for 1 Bundle.

You can get Magic Cube by playing Spin in Diamond Royale . In addition, you can also get Magic Cube by exchanging 100 Cube Fragments at Shop> Redeem> Cube Fragments.

Apart from the Golden Bell Bundle and Imperial Corps, you can also exchange the Magic Cube for other cool Bundles:

Silver Titan
Raptor Enforcer
Duchess Swallowtail
King’s Sword
… And many more!

With the presence of Golden Bell Bundle and Imperial Corps, Bundle Silver Eagle and VR Ready will be removed from the Magic Cube Exchange. So for those of you who still don’t have these 2 Bundles, immediately exchange your Magic Cube before this Bundle is deleted tomorrow!



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