Minimalist Kitchen Design in This House is Worth Imitating

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Minimalist kitchen design is an important part of the house to produce quality, restaurant-style dishes. Check out the complete minimalist industrial themed design inspiration here.

Minimalist kitchen design may be an important priority for those of you who have a hobby of cooking at home.

The reason is, a kitchen that is aesthetically pleasing and comfortable will certainly make it easier for you to prepare delicious dishes for the residents of the house. 

Not infrequently, building a home kitchen can cost a lot, instead of reaching hundreds of millions of rupiah.

The high price is not only due to the aesthetic value factor, but also the very, very expensive quality of the material.

However, these high priced kitchens have an inspiration that can be imitated by many people according to their needs and composition. 

One YouTube account named Leni Mizzle also provides tips and tricks about inspiring a very interesting minimalist home kitchen design. 

So, what is the inspiration for the kitchen design? Check out the discussion together below. 

Interesting facts to inspire a unique and aesthetically pleasing minimalist home kitchen design 

A unique minimalist kitchen does not entirely have to rely on an expensive wardrobe, but the inspiration must be exemplary.

There are some interesting facts about designing a minimalist home kitchen that is aesthetically pleasing, even with a sufficient budget. 

For that, consider the following interesting facts in full. 

1. Carrying a minimalist kitchen concept with an industrial touch 

minimalist kitchen design

In general, this kitchen is a mix of minimalist and industrial elements that are equally strong. 

You can see a minimalist element in the use of a very dense monochrome, while the industrial impression radiates strongly with wood accents in several corners of the kitchen.

2. The kitchen set consists of a former wardrobe

minimalist kitchen design

In the formation of a kitchen set, one of the elements of a very high cost, especially this part is an integral part of the kitchen set ecosystem at home. 

To minimize costs, the most solution to do this is to take advantage of the wardrobe compartments that are still fit for use, then tidy up again.

On this YouTube channel, it is explained that the kitchen set in this house takes from the rest of the wardrobe that is still suitable for use.

In addition, the rest of the new equipment was added with multiplex wood and HPL so that it looked like new.

With this inspiration, the formation of a kitchen set has become more affordable and less costly. 

3. Kitchen size 3x3m with a height of about 3.8m which is very minimalist 

minimalist kitchen design

Please note, the size of the minimalist kitchen in this house is very minimalist, which is 3x3m with a height of about 3.8m.

The location of the kitchen and its size are included in the staircase area so that the space is also very adequate. 

4. Minimalist kitchen design in letter L 

minimalist kitchen design

To create maximum kitchen space, the position of the kitchen is designed in a very aesthetic letter L.

The formation of a letter L kitchen provides excellent flexibility, so that residents of the house can find it easier if there are large-scale cooking activities. 

5. Inspiration of three-dimensional ceramic kitchen 

minimalist kitchen design

Not only is the function of the kitchen for cooking, the aesthetic form of ceramics is also noticed by the residents of the house.

This is because the kitchen tiles in this house are formed in a three-dimensional design that looks aesthetically pleasing and is in line with the whole kitchen. 

This aesthetic impression creates a decorative element on the ceramic kitchen walls in this house. 

6. Kitchen cabinets that are functional and very neat

minimalist kitchen design

To note, this kitchen cabinet is classified as very much, in the kitchen part or separate from the scope of the kitchen.

For example, there is an open front desk to facilitate cooking at home that looks functional.

In addition, the gas cylinder circulation and storage system is also neatly stored so that it is not visible even when it is reached by people. 

7. Equipped with a shelf that contains the most complete kitchen ingredients

minimalist kitchen design

On the side next to the stove, there is a kitchen shelf that is very large and high, even quite complete.

Almost all ingredients from A to Z are available for easier cooking.

Not only complete kitchen spices, aesthetics and layout are also considered very well so that it looks aesthetically pleasing.

In addition, the attention to detail of the shelves and the ingredients of the ingredients are also very well taken into account. 

8.  Make use of recycled materials that are suitable for use 

minimalist kitchen design

Even though it looks aesthetically pleasing, there are many parts of the kitchen in this house that consist of recycled materials.

Not only kitchen sets, kitchen utensils and spice storage also consist of recycled items that are still suitable for use. 

If you are designing a kitchen, it feels like this inspiration is worth considering to reduce the cost of building a home kitchen. 

9. To add a blend of colors, the refrigerator is accented with a sticker 

minimalist kitchen design

In order to look in harmony with the whole kitchen, the refrigerator in this house is also given a sticker element that matches the kitchen design.

The use of these stickers is intended so that the shape of the refrigerator can be changed according to the needs and desires of the residents of the house. 

Not only changing shapes, the stickers on the refrigerator create an impression that matches the whole kitchen. 

It can be concluded, if the kitchen of this house is not only aesthetically pleasing but can be the perfect example to generate interesting inspiration on a budget.

With this, you will definitely be more challenged in forming an aesthetic kitchen inspiration, but with a limited budget.



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