Minimalist Garden Designs Behind The House, Many Options to Beautify The Garden

image: The garden behind the house can be used even though it is small. There are a number of minimalist garden designs behind the house that can be an inspiration.

Usually, if you buy a house from a development company, there is land left in the back.

You can use this small land for anything, of course, which is beneficial for residents of the house.

Even though it is small, the back garden of the house can be maximized properly, let your creativity out.

You can change it for parks, children’s playgrounds, orchards, places to relax, and more.

If you don’t have an idea, just look for inspiration from the article column, which often reviews interior issues.

There are a number of minimalist garden designs behind the house that can be applied to your home.

Minimalist garden inspiration behind the house

1. Minimalist garden with grass
This garden design is indeed minimalist in the form of a garden with grass and plants placed in a corner.

If you don’t really like garden designs that are too crowded, then this design is suitable for a minimalist garden behind the house.

2. Place to Eat Together
Like to eat with family in the morning and at night, just turn the back garden into a dining area.

To make the atmosphere more different, place the plants around the dining table and chairs for a natural feel.

3. Beneficial Fruit Gardens
You like cultivating fruit plants, just try growing tomatoes or other fruits.

How to cultivate this plant can be ordinary, hydroponic, or aquaponic, try to find information about this cultivation.

4. Minimalist Garden Overlooking the Sitting Room
If there is a large space in the garden behind the house, you can create a minimalist garden overlooking the sitting area.

It’s also fun to relax while listening to music with a view of the minimalist garden behind the house.

5. Children’s Playground
Still having small children, try changing this area into a minimalist garden behind the house as well as a play area.

Install real grass so that children feel comfortable playing, don’t forget to provide play facilities.

6. Garden with Grass
This minimalist garden behind the house can be an option for those of you who want a minimalist garden.

There was only grass and plants, besides that, there was a small building at the very back that became a warehouse.

7. Sitting Area Shaded by Banana Trees
It’s really fun to have a sitting area like this, like in Bali or Lombok, you can also make it like this.

Apart from making wooden seats, don’t forget to plant a beautiful fan banana tree.

8. Beautiful Fish Pond
Another minimalist garden inspiration behind the house is to present a beautiful fish pond.

Don’t forget to beautify around the fish pond with a garden or place plants in pots.

9. A comfortable gathering place
Besides presenting a garden, you can design a comfortable seat in the back of the house.

Although small, the back of the house can be a comfortable and fun gathering place.

10. Small Garden with Hanging Plants
A small garden can be tricked with potted plants and also hanging plants like this.

If possible, place a chair or sofa facing the small garden as a family relaxing area.

11. Plants in Large Pots
If you prefer larger plants, just use a medium sized pot.

Don’t forget to beautify it with the presence of natural stone and also the wooden deck to create a natural feel.

12. Bamboo to Beautify Minimalist Garden
This minimalist garden behind the house does look simple with the presence of bamboo trees and plants in pots.

Yellow bamboo or Japanese bamboo can be a choice of plants in the garden adjacent to the wall.

13. Garden with Wooden Benches
The minimalist garden design behind the house also features bamboo trees and wooden benches and chairs.

The choice of plants is also simple and also grass so that the garden does not seem to be crowded with plants.

14. Large Lawn
The back of the house has a glass door so that you can see the minimalist garden view behind the house.

This yard is dominated by grass and also with plants close to the wall and vines.

15. Garden full of hanging pots
A narrow garden can be dealt with by placing plants in pots which are then hung or mounted on the wall.

This minimalist garden behind the house is even more beautiful and green with the presence of lots of plants.

16. Beautiful Tropical Garden
It’s time to present a tropical garden at home with a variety of plants with ornamental plants.

Typical tropical ornamental plants are very different, presenting a number of plants that beautify the garden.

Wow, there are also lots of minimalist garden inspirations behind the house that are presented in this article, don’t be confused.



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