10 Living Room Design Minimalist

Living Room Design Minimalist – It’s a bit difficult to say that there are very few challenges when decorating and organizing a small house type 36 living room . Planning interior design in a small room like that is actually really very challenging.

When arranging a living room or other room in a small type home, the demand to be very creative and observant in the choice of concept and design style, the use of decorative elements, determining the size of furniture , is a must.

However, don’t worry. The principle is; there is no small space, there are only limitations to being able to think creatively.

The series of photos below can give you inspiration, how should the arrangement of a minimalist home living room for a small house type 36. Although small, it is also very able to have a visually attractive appearance.

Here are 11 examples of modern minimalist living room arrangements:

10 Living Room Design Minimalist


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