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Interior Inspiration of a Pink Aesthetic Apartment that Makes Its Residents Happy

The apartment interior is always an interesting thing to discuss. This is because an attractive interior always makes the atmosphere of the residence and its occupants better. 

You can use dominance in certain colors that are your favorites.  One of them is the inspiration for the apartment interior from Patricia Bustos Studio, which is quoted from Dezeen. 

Use 12 Different Pink Colors

Realizing the aesthetically pleasing imagination, the interior of this apartment looks gorgeous in bright and soft pink. 

This apartment in Madrid, Spain applies 12 different pink colors throughout the room. 

The apartment, called Minimal Fantasy, offers an atmosphere with a bold and eye-catching interior. 

“We want to do something that will attract attention because in Madrid rental accommodation is quite promising,” said the Studio team. 

For that, there must be something to differentiate, especially in terms of the interior. 

This is so that people want to return to rent the accommodation again. 

1. Reconfigure the Floor Plan

apartment interior

This 55 sqm apartment is located in a 1950s residential building. 

The location is not far from the Puerta del Sol square which is crowded with tourists in Madrid.

Initially, this apartment only had one bedroom and one bathroom. 

However, Patricia Bustos Studio reconfigured the floor plan so that it could accommodate more people. 

There is an additional bedroom and a kitchen area which is separated from the living room. 

This can make this apartment able to accommodate two additional guests. 

2. Present The Exclusive Pink Color

apartment interior

With the structural changes, the Studio started to create an apartment interior that stood out by exclusively presenting the color pink.  

“This project is a realization of aesthetic madness that takes visitors out of their comfort zone,” explained the Studio team. 

“Pink has become the color of an entire generation, a brave generation, those who are not afraid of change,” he continued.

According to Patricia Bustos Studio, pink is proof of the fall of the stereotype that the unplanned and irregular is the art of beauty itself.

2. Living room

The living room in this apartment is painted a pink, gum-like paint that is applied all over the walls and ceiling. 

The mottled pink laminate covers the floor and the thick L-shaped plinth that circles the corner of the room. 

This is enhanced by the presence of pink sofa cushions that make the room look luxurious.

3. Dining Room and Kitchen

apartment interior

The dining room in this apartment uses an oval-shaped dining table which is also pink. 

This dining table is surrounded by chairs made of metallic pink fabric. 

In the kitchen section there is a monochromatic color scheme in the kitchen cabinet area. 

The color combination of blue, pink, and gold with geometric shapes makes this area eye-catching. 

While the countertop is covered by a pink glazed ceramic. 

4. Bedrooms

apartment interior

Still with all pink nuances, the bedroom area uses a divan attached to the floor. 

The divan and table in this bedroom also come from the same ceramic material as the kitchen table. 

The interior of this room is enhanced by the presence of soft pink lamé pillows and light red metallic blankets.

5. Bathroom

apartment interior

This bathroom design seems to be adapted to the limited space. 

This can be seen from the use of sliding doors that will not take up space when opened and closed. 

The bathroom walls use plaid tiles, complemented by a vanity mirror and an all-pink shower curtain. 

In addition, there are several ball-shaped chandeliers that make it even more aesthetic. 

What do you think about the interior of this all-pink apartment?

Interested in checking it out as an interior in your apartment?

Source: artikel.rumah123.com

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