Give a warm impression, these are 9 downlight inspiration for a minimalist residence


Downlight inspiration for a minimalist residence – Although downlights are usually hidden behind walls or ceilings, their presence can make a room feel more comfortable and warm.


Lamps downlight usually used for main lighting in the home or known as ambient lighting. 

The advantage of using this type of lamp is the installation of a lamp that is hidden in the wall or ceiling. 

That way, using this type of lamp does not take up space, but instead makes the house look more spacious.

The size of this lamp is usually small, which is usually installed at several points in a room. 

This is useful for optimal lighting in the room.

Come on, look at nine downlight designs that you can use as inspiration for lighting at home:

Apply behind the accent wall

downlightsSource: Pinterest

Do you want to present a lamp with an artistic design?

This one design can be the right choice for you. 

Lamps downlight looks pretty hidden behind this one accent wall. 

Use it behind a wooden wall

downlightsSource: Pinterest

The downlights behind this wooden wall ornament also look attractive. 

This design gives a warm and comfortable impression thanks to the downlights. 

This wooden wall ornament will suit if you apply it in the bedroom. 

This will make you rest more comfortably. 

Hide Behind Marble Walls

downlightsSource: Pinterest

You can also make your home look luxurious but also warm with this downlight design 

Marble material will give a luxurious and modern impression to your home. 

Meanwhile, the lights will balance it by giving a warm and comfortable impression. 

Give Additional Lighting in a Walk-In Closet

downlightsSource: Pinterest

You can also know add lighting with lamps downlight in the walk-in closet personal. 

It will make this room look elegant like a famous boutique. 

Not only that, you can also search for your collection of items more clearly. 

Apply Behind the Makeup Mirror

downlightsSource: Pinterest

Lamps downlight will also look beautiful when applied to the shaving mirror in your bedroom. 

Not only can you present beautiful decorations, the presence of this lamp can also provide additional light when you are doing your make-up. 

Guaranteed you will be more detailed when applying makeup in front of the mirror. 

Give a warm impression in a rustic bedroom

downlightsSource: Pinterest

Rustic nuance is synonymous with cold and masculine impressions. 

This is because the use of rustic colors tends to be dark. 

However, you can balance it out by adding downlights to the ceiling. 

The presence of this lamp will also make your bedroom more beautiful. 

Give Lighting to the Household

downlightsSource: Pinterest

You can also apply downlights behind the steps of your house. 

This not only makes the house look more aesthetic, but can also maintain your safety when going up or down stairs. 

Because, additional lighting will make you more careful when walking, especially at night. 

Apply it in a modern bedroom

downlightsSource: Pinterest

The use of downlights will also feel right when applied to a room with a modern interior. 

This will balance the impression of luxury so that it makes the room feel more comfortable and warm. 

If your bedroom is large enough, use lots of lights. 

Main Lighting in the Living Room

downlightsSource: Pinterest

Many people use this type of lamp as the main lighting in the family room. 

This is not a bad choice, because the family room will feel warmer. 

Which is your favorite downlight application ?

Hopefully this article is useful!



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