9 Unique Shoe Rack Models That Don’t Think But Save Space


Unique Shoe Rack Models – No need to buy an expensive shoe rack, take advantage of the items at home to create a unique and anti-mainstream shelf.


Shoes that are lined up at various angles make the house look messy. 

Not to mention if the shoes that have been used cause a bad smell. 

This will certainly make the residents of the house uncomfortable. 

For that, it is important for you to present a shoe rack so that the house looks neat. 

You don’t have to buy an expensive shoe rack, you can take advantage of the items at home. 

Besides being able to make a neat house, this shoe rack also looks unique and anti-mainstream. 

Reported by BuzzFeed, here are nine unique shoe rack inspirations that you can inspire:

Keep it under the sheets

unique shoe rackSource:

Who would have thought you could use the space behind the sheets to store shoes. 

You can buy transparent hanging racks that are sold in the market. 

Then apply the shoe rack on the edge of the mattress behind the sheet. 

Voila! Your shoes are neatly tucked away without being seen. 

This hanging shoe rack will suit those of you who live in a boarding house or studio apartment. 

That way, you can save space. 

Flip Down Shoe Rack

unique shoe rackSource:

Want to display a shoe rack as well as an artistic wall decoration?

Try applying this flip down shoe rack 

When not in use, you can fold it. 

However, if you want to put your shoes on, you can unfold them. 

Keep it behind the curtains

unique shoe rackSource: Aplaceforeverything, com

Storage of shoes behind the curtains can also be the next alternative that you can try so that the house doesn’t fall apart. 

You can use a simple shelf like the picture above and tuck in your shoes when not in use. 

Close the curtains so you don’t see your shoe storage and keep the house looking tidy. 

Use the Ottoman Chair

Maximize storage in your home by making the ottoman chair an alternative shoe rack. 

That way, you no longer need to buy additional shoe racks. 

In addition, this shoe rack will also not take up much space. 

So you can save money and space at home. 

Used shoe box

unique shoe rackSource:

Don’t throw away your used shoe box!

Instead, try to use this cardboard for your shoe rack at home. 

It’s easy, you just need to stack them like the image above. 

To make it easier to find the shoes you want to wear, you can use shoe labels that are hung or taped on the outside of the box. 

Use a clothes / jacket hanger

unique shoe rackSource:

Another shoe rack alternative that you can try is to use a clothes hanger. 

This shoe rack also looks very simple. 

When your shoes are not in use, you can hang them here. 

Take advantage of Used PVC Pipe

unique shoe rackSource:

Lots of used PVC pipe in your house? Their magic becomes an alternative shoe rack. 

You only need to arrange it like the image above. 

Don’t forget to glue one pipe to the other with glue. 

Insert the shoes into the PVC pipe. 

That way, your house will look neater. 

You can also save money because you don’t need to buy shoe racks anymore. 

Turn the ladder into a shoe rack

unique shoe rackSource:

Need an extra shoe rack at home? Try using the stairs at home. 

You can use an unused ladder to hang your shoe collection. 

That way, shoes are not scattered everywhere. 

Save in 

unique shoe rackSource:

You are the mageran type? So as not to be bothered, try using a bucket to store your shoes. 

At least, your shoe collection won’t be scattered everywhere, your house will also look tidier. 

Unfortunately, keeping it in a bucket can damage your shoes. 

This is because the shoe will be crushed with other shoes in the bucket. 

Those are nine inspiration for shoe storage racks that you can try at home. 



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