9 Modern Minimalist Family Room Designs | Can be Emulated in a Small House

Modern Minimalist Family Room Designs – Make your relaxing event with your loved ones more enjoyable with these inspirational minimalist family room designs that are easy to imitate!

The moments of relaxing with family are certainly the most valuable moments that must be enjoyed as well as possible.

For that, you should consider a minimalist family room design if the house is limited by space but still wants to look stunning.

Modern Minimalist Living Room Design Inspiration

Below we have prepared the inspiration for the best minimalist living room interior design that is easy to imitate even in a small house.  

1. Comfortable and Natural 

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The combination of soft pads on a wooden chair frame can be the main ‘menu’ that is worthy of being served in a minimalist family room.

Choose sofa cushions that are upholstered in texture fabrics in ivory white or light brown to enhance natural wood accents.

Decoration in the form of a wooden stump as a coffee table or to place a flower vase can also be the best option for you to try.

2. Minimalist Family Room Design Contrast

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One side of the wall inlaid with dark brown ceramic tile looks stunning and contrasts in the minimalist all-white interior nuance.

The bronze colored chrome plated furniture further enriches the luxurious theme that is clearly engraved in the residential area.

Relaxing with glamor and style will be your newest hobby if you are interested in adopting this family room design.

3. Minimalist Living Room Layered with Limestone 

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Limestone or what is known in Indonesia as limestone is a group of sedimentary rocks composed of several types of minerals.

Limestone is quite popular as a type of building material that forms the basis for the mixture of concrete and road aggregate materials.

In the form of boulders, limestone can also be used as a decoration for the interior design of a family room to create an aesthetically pleasing ancient impression.

4. Glam Chicago 

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The glam chicago interior theme applied in this minimalist family room is obtained by playing vintage and antique accessories .

The beige color palette that is dominant on almost every side of the room can give a calmer and timeless impression .

5. Masculine Minimalist Family Room 

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Modern and masculine, you can create these two things into one with the inspiration for this family room design.

To avoid the monotonous impression of using monochrome colors, several gray tones are paired nicely.

As a final touch, you can add bright colored knick-knacks like orange sofa cushions which can instantly revive the interior atmosphere.

6. 3D Illusion with Floor Rugs 

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When the mind cannot think as far as interior designers, the trick from Rumah123 will come to your rescue.

You can immediately create a minimalist family room design that feels special at home, only armed with a floor carpet.

Choose 3D motifs with bold geometric lines to give the illusion of a more charming room.

7. Family room design with a frame background

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If there is one item that is almost guaranteed to be found in every living room, it is frames.

Memories that are physically transformed into framed photos can also be created as the main element to beautify the family room.

The trend that is now popularly used is to print photos that are square or square and neatly displayed right in the middle of a white background frame. 

8. Comfortable with dim lights 

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Minimalist family room design considerations not only look visually stunning, but must still feel comfortable when used.

Setting up the right lighting system can help you to enjoy time with your loved ones more comfortably.

Installing lights behind the ceiling or behind furniture to create a dim atmosphere can be a great way to increase the comfort of the family room.

9. Feels Wide with Glass 

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If the main challenge you face in designing a minimalist family room design is limited area, then this inspiration is the solution.

Place some large glass on the wall behind the main furniture, such as a sofa or TV shelf, which gets sufficient lighting.



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