9 Minimalist Window Designs, Make Your Home Look Modern

image: – 9 Minimalist Window Designs, Make Your Home Look Modern

Not only can you maintain air circulation and natural lighting in your home, this minimalist window design inspiration makes your house look more modern.


As a must-have functional structure in every home, windows can also provide a beautiful visual accent with the right design. 

Therefore, there is nothing wrong with cheating on a variety of the best minimalist window design inspirations below. 

Minimalist Window Design Inspiration 

Double Window Awnings in a Minimalist Kitchen

minimalist windowSource: Carrington Windows

Make your minimalist kitchen at home feel more modern and functional by using this unique double window awning idea 

Install a minimalist window right in front of the dishwasher to provide access to perfect lighting during the day.   

Sophisticated with Motorized Curtains 

minimalist windowSource:

It is undeniable that opening and closing the curtains can be quite time-consuming and sometimes troublesome. 

Especially when talking about large minimalist curtains that require extra energy only when they are opened. 

Therefore, an alternative to motorized curtains is worth considering. 

Just one button press, the curtain will immediately open and close by itself. 

Very practical!

Bordered Minimalist Window Wall 

minimalist windowSource:

The modern architectural style that is quite widely chosen to create a brightly lit residence is to use a wall window or a glass wall that functions as a window. 

Unlike the function of air ventilation that usually exists in conventional window types, wall windows are more focused on maximizing the natural lighting of the house and giving the illusion of a spacious interior. 

Side Extension Window Type

minimalist windowSource:

It often happens when you live in an environment surrounded by tall trees, sunlight makes it difficult to get into the house. 

The trick that can be imitated from this minimalist window extension model idea is to provide a more focused source of light from one direction. 

Nako Glass in the Bathroom 

minimalist windowSource:

One of the most common challenges encountered in designing a bathroom is how to maximize natural lighting without sacrificing privacy while in use. 

This challenge was then used as an idea by an architectural studio FIGR from Australia who designed a luxurious bathroom with nako glass features. 

Guaranteed you will be more comfortable lingering in the bathtub while enjoying the light spills that burst through the cracks of the glass. 

Minimalist Window Strips 

minimalist windowSource:

Bordered by a bed in the bedroom, this interior design inspiration is unique. 

Instead of just providing boring conventional ventilation, a minimalist window in the shape of an elongated strip is made right on the wall above the side of the room. 

The backdrop of the green trees peeking behind makes the bedroom look even more stunning. 

Plated Iron Trellis 

minimalist windowSource:

In certain conditions, residents who want to install minimalist windows also need to consider extra security aspects. 

For one reason or another, it is not uncommon to use iron trellises as an additional protection framework. 

For example in this one window design. 

Not only one, the iron trellis structure is placed in the middle between the two windows that limit the exterior and interior areas of the residence. 

This is guaranteed to make a thief have to think twice if you want to break into the house. 

Minimalist Office Window Design 

minimalist windowSource:

The uniqueness of this office interior is not only obtained from the all-wood furniture that gives a natural feel, but also the room partitions in the form of glass doors and windows. 

Besides being able to facilitate air circulation and lighting in the room, this method can also create the illusion of an interior that seems to blend together. 

Loft Bedroom with Triangular Window 

minimalist windowSource:

The minimalist window size is adjusted to the available walls to maximize lighting in the attic bedroom area. 

The wooden ceiling also looks great with the light beige texture floor carpet underneath. 



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