9 Minimalist, Classic and Luxury Wooden House Designs!

Source: Home and Garden Ideas – Often said to be a timeless building material, wood material is always the right choice to beautify every corner of the house. 

Besides being able to make the appearance of a residence more luxurious, the use of wood materials also provides a more beautiful and natural feel. 

One combination that you can try is to combine the latest architectural trends from a minimalist concept combined with wood accents. 

Minimalist wooden house design inspiration 

Please try a variety of the best minimalist wooden house design ideas below!

Simple with a Traditional Touch 

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Prior to the booming trend of minimalist wooden houses in recent times, traditional buildings in Indonesia had already existed in various regions. 

The majority of traditional Indonesian houses use natural materials in the form of wood, straw, and natural stone which are taken directly from the surrounding environment. 

So there is nothing wrong with imitating the shape and model of traditional wooden houses that are spread from the tip of Sabang to Merauke. 

Summer House 

minimalist wooden houseSource: Home and Garden Ideas

In Western countries, summer is always synonymous with long vacations which are usually spent in a small cottage located deep in the countryside. 

Because of this, the majority of the dwellings built on the outskirts of the village, especially those close to the forest, are known as summer houses. 

In Indonesia, you might say that it is almost like a villa that is often used as a place to relax for families on vacation. 

Unique Rustic Design 

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The charm of rustic architectural designs can always attract the attention of lovers of classic and vintage nuances 

The characteristic that makes it different is the visuals that are made more natural and not perfectly polished like an ordinary minimalist wooden house. 

Living conditions are left unattended to get a rustic “touch” that comes from the natural surroundings. 

Firmly Striped Facades 

minimalist wooden house Source:

This minimalist front-view model looks very solid with a firm and symmetrical wall line. 

The façade is made evenly with natural colored wood material and a modern type of flat roof .  

Lumbung Minimalist Wooden House

minimalist wooden houseSource:

One more minimalist home inspiration that uses wood as the main building material. 

The architectural form takes the idea of ​​a rice barn structure that is common in rice fields for storing crops. 

Rumah Jahe Homestay 

minimalist wooden houseSource:

In general, the roof is only used as one part of the building, namely for the base covering the structure underneath. 

However, it is different with this unique homestay in Vietnam.

The roof is made of a large size to cover the entire house as a substitute for walls. 

Aesthetic Water Drop Shape 

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As if it was endless, this time there is a minimalist wooden house that also has an unusual appearance. 

The water drop pod – shaped building is a villa located in the interior of Phuket, Thailand. 

Interested in staying here? 

Charming Joglo 

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As one of the most popular traditional houses, the architectural style of the Joglo facade holds a million appeal that deserves to be applied in contemporary residences. 

The key is in the unique form of the roof by using a terraced or layered concept with a center that looks like a crown. 

2 level minimalist wooden house 

minimalist wooden houseSource: Pinterest

For those looking for inspiration for a two-level minimalist wooden house, try to imitate the following beautiful dwellings. 

The basic pillar on the other floor serves as a contrast to the dominant wood material on the facade of the house so that it still looks elegant and modern. 



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