9 Interior Inspirations with a Dusty Pink Touch at Home


Interior Inspirations – The dusty pink color presents a sweet impression without looking boring by applying it in various rooms in your residence

The color dusty pink is often identified with a soft impression that gives a warm feel to the space.  No wonder that many people apply this color to their interior.  Apart from being beautiful, this color can also be combined with almost any neutral color.  If you are interested in giving a touch of dusty pink color to your home, see the inspiration below:

Dusty Pink Interior Inspiration

Use Pink Ceramic Palettes

dusty pinkSource: Milton & King

Present a sweet impression without looking boring by using a dusty pink ceramic palette You can apply it in various rooms, including the bathroom.  Give it a fresh impression by adding ornamental plants to give it a different color. 

Pink Velvet Dining Chair

dusty pinkSource:

Who doesn’t fall in love with this material that gives off a luxurious feel? You can use velvet to make a statement in the room. One of them you can use as a sofa upholstery.  You can apply this interior idea to a room that is dominated by neutral colors such as beige or white. 

Dusty Pink Wall Mural

dusty pinkSource: Pinterest

Want to present a dusty pink wall that looks artsy? Try applying this dusty pink wall mural  You can combine it with neutral colors like white.  The bedroom looks trendy as well as warm. 

Dusty Pink Sofa

dusty pinkSource:

Color dusty pink and white is always a blend of sweet and simple.  One of them is like the living room above which looks cute with a dusty pink sofa You can beautify this room by adding cushions on the sofa.  Give a fresh impression by placing decorative plant paintings on the walls of the room. 

Apply the Dusty Pink Curtains

dusty pinkSource:

Dusty pink curtains will suit you who want to present a luxurious impression in the room.  You can use plain curtains without a motive.  Make sure the curtains hang down to the floor for a dramatic impression. 

Add a Dusty Pink Blanket

dusty pinkSource: Pinterest

The presence of a dusty pink blanket will give a feminine and warm impression in the room.  Add a few pillows with different motifs to make the room look attractive.  Make sure you combine it with the dominance of neutral colors in the room.  This is so that your room does not look “too much”. 

Application at Certain Angles

dusty pinkSource:

Give a touch of dusty pink color only in a few corners of the room can be the right choice.  Especially for those of you who don’t like flashy colors.  You can apply it on one side of the wall, the window, or the door.  Choose which one can give a sweet statement in your room. 

Use Level Shelf to Give An Aesthetic Impression

dusty pinkSource:

Need a place to store items and various displays at home? This dusty pink shelf will suit you.  Especially those of you who have a lot of items in the house.  In addition, this shelf can also function as a partition between rooms.  

Dusty Pink Corner Toilet

dusty pinkSource:

Your bathroom can attract the attention of anyone who uses this bathroom.  How not, this bathroom looks striking in pink.  What’s more, the bathroom wall actually has a monochrome color Those are nine design inspirations for homes with a touch of dusty pink. 


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