9 Doraemon-themed house interior inspirations, cute and unique!

Doraemon images are now found not only in cartoon and comic series, but also as a unique type of home decoration. Check out the 9 inspirations that you can replicate in full here.

doraemon images

Doraemon image is one type of animation that is timeless to this day.

Not only small children and school children, even millennials who are growing up and having families also love this cartoon made by Fujiko F. Fujio.

The reason is, besides showing off the future in the 22nd century, Doraemon also tells important things about the meaning of friendship between Doraemon and Nobita.

This also often becomes a promising business opportunity, because there are so many accents and decorations in the form of Doraemon that are sold in the market today.

Doraemon accents and decorations are not just dolls and school supplies, but also inspiration for homes and bedrooms. 

So, what is the inspiration for a unique and aesthetic Doraemon-themed house? Check out the discussion together below. 

Not just cartoon animations, Doraemon images can inspire unique and aesthetic home themes

Being one of the most entertaining anime and manga characters, the inspiration for the Doraemon theme always produces a unique and aesthetic impression of a house.

Because, the Doraemon theme in a dwelling can be applied uniquely without recognizing the gender of both men and women. 

You can also follow the inspiration for Doraemon’s picture as a room theme and home decoration as follows. 

1. Children’s bedroom with a navy blue theme with a cute Doraemon theme 

doraemon imagesSource:

The blue accent is an important inspiration in designing a Doraemon-shaped theme at home, both in the form of masculine and feminine characters. 

You can also imitate a boy’s room with sea blue colors combined with various Doraemon characters on the side of the bedroom wardrobe or bed. 

Not only in one type of character, you can also combine several different Doraemon characters and expressions as an interesting inspiration in the bedroom. 

2. Inspired bedroom with a Doraemon theme with bamboo propellers 

doraemon imagesSource:

If you want an atmosphere like being in Doraemon animation, this bedroom inspiration is worthy of your imitation. 

Because, the Doraemon theme with bamboo propellers on the side of the wallpaper gives the impression of living like being in a cartoon. 

To add to the aesthetic impression, decorations with a Doraemon theme around the room seemed to be an important inspiration.

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