8 Special Bedroom Decorations for BTS Lovers

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Bedroom Decorations – KPopers bedroom decorations are always related to their idols, including BTS. Check out the full inspiration for BTS-themed rooms here.

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Aesthetic bedroom decorations are the dream of all residents of the house, not only color matching, other uniqueness factors are also an important concern.

One of the unique factors from the aesthetic side of the bedroom that is widely applied is the idol in the house. 

Not only idols in the form of animated characters and action figures, music idol figures can also be an inspiration.

Meanwhile, one of the music idol figures that is loved by all circles, especially women, is BTS. 

It should be noted, BTS or Bangtan Boys in recent years has become one of the Korean boyband groups that is growing very rapidly. 

There is no doubt about this, even though concerts in Indonesia are never empty of visitors and always sold out.

If you are an ARMY who is always obsessed with Jungkook’s troops and friends, maybe there’s nothing wrong with making them one of the bedroom decorations.

What kind of bedroom decor is suitable for ARMY? Check out the discussion together below. 

Aesthetically appealing bedroom decoration and inspiration for ARMYs 

BTS fans may be a very militant type of kpopers, they can even burn tens or even hundreds of millions of money just to channel their hobbies.

If you are one of the people, maybe a BTS-themed bedroom can be an interesting inspiration and worthy of your imitation.

What is the inspiration and room decoration with the theme of BTS? Check out the discussion together below. 

1. Simple BTS room design which is aesthetically pleasing with low lighting 

bedroom decoration btsSource:

Not only about the high price, you can also make a BTS themed bedroom on an affordable budget.

One of the inspirations that you can imitate is in this image by putting forward simple accents plus some BTS-themed inspiration.

You can also add some BTS posters with adequate shapes and compositions.

For example, in this picture the BTS theme accent looks neat with a minimalist landscape poster .

2. BTS rooms with aesthetic and monochrome accents

bedroom decoration btsSource: Pinterest

In general, the BTS accent is indeed an attractive decoration as well as the inspiration for the most anti-mainstream bedroom .

If you are not interested in a striking BTS theme, you can copy room inspiration with minimalist monochrome accents.

You can also combine aesthetic elements with a composition that fits in the bedroom themed BTS with elements of pictures and cute BT21 dolls. 

3. Unique BTS room design complete with BT21 dolls and projectors 

bedroom decoration btsSource: Pinterest

BT21 dolls are the most important accents to form a BTS-themed bedroom at home.

If you have collected them, you can form attractive decorations with these dolls aesthetically.

In addition, you can also add BTS accents with additional projectors containing BTS album content. 

4. BTS room decoration with feminine shapes

bedroom decoration btsSource: Charles Hawkins

Even though it is synonymous with white, gray, and silver, it feels right to combine the BTS theme with other accents, including pink.

If you have planned this, you can also embed some BTS trinkets, such as a collection of photos and their posters like a display on the room wall. 

5. Design a study room in the room with complete BTS accents

bedroom decoration btsSource: Pinterest

If you find it difficult to save BTS accents on the bed, the placement of BTS’s unique accents can be neatly stored on the study table.  

Besides looking tidier, you can also be more motivated because their photos will always be remembered on the home study table.

Not only on the study table, you can also store various BTS fandom collections in the cupboard next to the study table. 

Generally, many ARMYs who are still in school or college apply the inspiration for the BTS theme here. 

6. Bedrooms with BT21 dolls and duvet of BTS personnel

bedroom decoration btsSource: Pinterest

The BTS theme doesn’t always have to overly decorate the walls of the house, but there are other things you can do.

One of the right ways is to add a BT21 doll accent combined with a BTS personnel duvet.

Mix and match these two accents to look tidier and aesthetically pleasing, giving them a spacious and comfortable impression.

7. A bedroom wall with lots of posters for the hardline ARMY!

bedroom decoration bts

Posters are indeed an important element in shaping a very attractive BTS-themed bedroom.

If you are a hardline BTS fan, it feels like mixing room inspiration with their posters is the right choice.

They are not only the right choice, but their poster displays can also be unique and aesthetic room decorations. 

However, make sure the poster is safe to stick on so as not to damage the paint on the walls.

8. Wall decorations with BTS equipment are very neat

bedroom decoration bts

If you have enough time and money to collect all the accents and collection of BTS equipment, this decoration design can be the right choice.

In addition to the attractive decorative walls, all BTS equipment from photo albums to CDs can be arranged neatly and aesthetically. 

That’s the inspiration for BTS-themed bedrooms that you can imitate at home in a unique and aesthetic way.



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