8 minimalist 3-storey house designs, which one to choose?


Do you have a desire to build a multi-storey dwelling with a contemporary style? Let’s choose the best 3-storey minimalist house design below!

Limited land is one of the main challenges that are often encountered if you are going to build a house in an urban area. 

One of the solutions chosen was to create multi-storey dwellings to maximize the available space. 

The number of levels that are usually built consists of 2 or 3 floors according to the needs and available budget . 

3 Floor Minimalist House Design Inspiration

This time you can take a peek at a variety of the best 3-storey minimalist house design ideas that can be used as a reference for building your dream home. 

1. Luxurious and Warm Facade 

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Create a stunning residential exterior and look luxurious with this minimalist 3-story house design idea. 

Natural stone elements blend harmoniously with the wood materials used for the doors and windows. 

The parapet railing accents on the second and third floors help give a modern and classy accent to the residential facade. 

To keep it warm, use warm colored headlights with models embedded in the ceiling. 

2. Minimalist house 3 floors with carved pillars 

minimalist 3 floor houseSource: minimalist 3-storey house

Large pillars with aesthetically carved designs are characteristic of classic European mansions . 

The application of this iconic feature is the prima donna of making this minimalist 3-story house look like a sultan’s palace. 

The carving patterns on the pillars are made with large strokes so that they are clearly visible from the outside. 

Apart from being a visual accent that has high artistic value, carvings on walls or pillars are also able to provide additional texture to enhance the appearance of the facade and the interior of the residence. 

3. Transparent All Glass 

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The use of a minimalist glass window model can be a solution to help natural lighting in the house. 

Even though it is true, if you use glass walls, aka glass windows, it means that you are ready to sacrifice the privacy of the residents because of their transparent nature and are visible from the outside.

Instead, you can enjoy the illusion of a wider occupancy and feel one with nature, especially if there are many trees around the house.  

4. Minimalist House 3 Floor Model Berundak 

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One of the best examples for the model of a house with a retreat is the former vocalist of the band Momo Geisha in Malang. 

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