8 Examples of Minimalist Folding Fence Designs, Make Carports So Spacious!


Anyone looking for contemporary home fence inspiration? Let’s take a peek at the following examples of minimalist folding fence designs, really suitable to be copied in a small house!

Designing the main gate at home does not only have to consider the security aspect.

Sometimes you also need to look at the visual side given to the building facade as a whole. 

If you’re looking for a new idea to make a stunning fence and make your neighbors jealous, here are the best inspirations we’ve prepared especially for you. 

Minimalist Folding Fence Design Inspiration 

Let’s take a peek at the following references for the current fence ideas!

1. Motif Aluminum Material 

minimalist folding fenceSource:

As one of the most popular materials for fencing, aluminum is not only a reliable structural strength, but also an attractive design. 

An example is in one of the minimalist folding fences which is adorned with a unique motif on its surface. 

The impression of the facade of the house will certainly be even more stunning. 

2. Simple Minimalist Folding Fence 

minimalist folding fenceSource:

The advantages offered by using a minimalist folding fence system can help you save more space in the yard. 

Especially if the available yard area is only enough to be used as a garage.  

3. Model Without Railing 

minimalist folding fenceSource:

By using a folding system when opening and closing, you don’t need to install additional iron rails. 

The iron rails that are usually found in conventional sliding fences often experience problems such as rusting which could potentially form in tropical climates with high rainfall such as Indonesia. 

This of course can be a problem when you have to bother to open a fence that is difficult to move due to rust or maybe a foreign object that is on the iron rail line.

4. Ethnic Minimalist Folding Fence Design 

minimalist folding fenceSource:

In addition to using an iron or aluminum frame , the use of decorative plastic layers for a minimalist folding fence design can also provide more space for you to be creative. 

Many manufacturers provide orders for costumes or pattern variations on charming plastic fence decorations. 

Like the inspiration for a minimalist gate that uses a beautiful ethnic woven motif in the picture above. 

5. Modern and Traditional 

minimalist folding fenceSource:

The combination of several types of materials can give a minimalist folding fence appearance that is different from the usual. 

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