7 Unity Of Orange Color In The Occupancy, Make The House So Cheerful


In the past few years, orange has become one of the trendsetters in the world of fashion and property. Check out the meaning and interesting combinations that you can replicate here in full. 

Orange may be a unique and anti-mainstream type of color equivalent for home decor.

Because, it is very rare for you to find a house with orange accents, especially on the exterior and interior of the house.

However, this color tends to emit a positive aura that is good in the home lighting process.

Not just a positive aura, this color has also become one of the color trends in the fashion industry in recent years.

Apart from being well-known in the fashion industry, this color is also developing in contemporary art, including inspiration for furniture.

What do orange accents look like in a residence? Check out the discussion together below.

Recognize the meaning of the color orange based on good and positive elements 

To note, orange is one of the derivatives of the color spectrum between red and yellow which resembles the color of an orange peel.

Meanwhile, psychologically, people are a very strong color of joy and creativity.

Because, orange promotes elements of well-being, prosperity and positive energy such as affection, passion and warmth.

Not only positive energy, orange is also able to inspire enthusiasm by combining good masculine and feminine elements.

This is because this color has two important dimensions, namely red, full of energy and yellow that is soothing.

Therefore, orange is always the center of attention of many people because it creates a high contrast element.

Generally, this color tends to be more suitable for people who are extroverted and have high courage.

The following orange color combinations can be an interesting mix at home 

Although it is often an important part of an attractive derivative color, the combination of orange as the color of the house is one of the most interesting inspirations.

You can also copy the orange combination with the following unique house and mix inspiration.

1. Inspiring orange and gray in the living room 

orange colorSource:

Gray and orange are one color match with the same strong texture, but have a fitting composition.

This is because the light gray color is very suitable to be combined with a thick orange and gives a positive aura to the residents of the house.

You can also combine gray inspiration as a furniture color theme with orange accents as a unique and aesthetic home furniture.

2. The combination of orange and green in the family room 

orange colorSource:

If you want a colorful home accent, then mix and match green and orange might be a great choice.

This is because these two colors are derived from the base color which has a soft texture, especially the green accent in the image.

You can also use orange accents as the main house theme, with the use of green as the color of home furniture.

If these are difficult to combine in the same element, you can also add light brown wood accents for a flowing effect.

3. High contrast orange and navy blue accents

orange colorSource:

In addition to light brown accents, orange can also be an interesting mix for navy blue.

Because, these two accents should be a cohesive fashion match that is attractive and worthy to be applied to the interior of the house.

You can also rely on the blue color theme on the side of the house, with the addition of a touch of orange to home furniture such as minimalist chairs or sofas.

The color match looks very attractive, even though it looks like an orange outfit with blue denim.

Generally, this color is very suitable for home inspiration with a masculine character.

4. Orange and Peach with a solid color combination 

orange colorSource:

Please note, peach is a derivative of orange combined with pink which is perfect for producing feminine inspiration.

This feminine inspiration creates a harmonious impression in a very aesthetic color unity.

You can also combine orange as the base color, with peach accents as a color gradient on the interior side of the house.

In addition to gradations, you can also add wallpaper accents and decorative floors to your home to add a unique impression.

 5.   Natural orange and white combination in the bedroom 

orange colorSource:

Besides mixing unique and aesthetic colors, you can also combine neutral and colorful elements 

One of the interesting elements that you can apply is white and orange in the bedroom.

Not only does it look aesthetically pleasing, the resulting color texture also looks friendly and natural, from every corner of the bedroom.

In addition to the aesthetic white and orange textures, you can also combine these textures with parquet floor accents to make it look more harmonious.

6. Combine orange and brown in the living room decoration of the house

orange colorSource:

If you are someone who tends to “play safe” in the inspiration of the house, it does not feel wrong to combine the elements of orange with chocolate on the interior of the house.

Because, the orange accent as the wall of the house with the brown accent as the color of the furniture gives a minimalist and elegant effect.

Not only elegant, these two colors can also produce a more natural and comfortable-looking flow of home light on the interior side.

7. Purple and orange combination with gothic elements 

Although many people say that purple and orange don’t match, there’s nothing wrong with combining these two intense colors.

Because, the combination of orange and purple as home inspiration produces a gothic theme that combines a strong mystical and cheerful aura.

You can also combine these two colors aesthetically with dark colored furniture as a minimalist gradient.

Here are some interesting inspirations about the color orange as one of the unique and aesthetic types of home matches.

Not only does it produce a positive home aura, orange is also able to flow the light of the house into a softer and harmonious one.



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