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Modern Minimalist Room Decorations – You don’t need interior services, you can easily make contemporary bedroom designs. You do this with the following minimalist room decorations!


Spending time at home will be more comfortable and fun if your personal space is designed with a stunning design. 

Especially in the midst of a pandemic like this, which requires you to stay at home. 

Let’s take a peek at the best knick-knacks ideas to beautify your bedroom!

Minimalist Room Decoration Inspiration 

1. Modern Wall Clock

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Although now the function of the timepiece has been replaced by the presence of cellphones, wall clocks are still a must-have item in every home. 

Not only functional to help you always be on time, wall clocks are also one of the attractive minimalist room decorations. 

Choose a wall clock design that matches the theme of the room so that it looks matching and comfortable to look at. 

Let’s check out the best wall clock recommendations

2. Minimalist Mirror Room Decoration 

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A narrow room requires special treatment which can be obtained by making adjustments to the interior layout and choosing the right decoration elements. 

Mirrors are the decoration most often used to overcome narrow rooms because they can give the illusion of dimensions of an area that is wider than the original. 

Use an oval or round mirror to maximize coverage of the covered area in the reflection. 

Try to place a mirror near a window or an area that gets a lot of light intake so that the illusion of a larger room looks perfect. 

3. Make Aesthetic Floor Rugs

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The bedroom is the most personal place in every house, which of course must be designed with the residents’ tastes. 

From the comfort aspect, you can use a minimalist room decoration in the form of a floor carpet.

The use of floor rugs can make the room more comfortable and make you feel at home for a long time in it.

The rasfur feather floor carpet variant is the best recommendation that is suitable for a minimalist Korean-style bedroom interior design which is loved by young people. 

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