7 Best Types of Minimalist Home Ceiling, Which Do You Choose?

Best Types of Minimalist Home Ceiling – To get a beautiful residential interior, you can choose various types of the following most popular minimalist home ceiling types!


Choosing a building material that will be used to cover the house must be done carefully and thoroughly.

To cover the ceiling of the house, you can choose the type of ceiling that suits your needs without having to adjust it to the roof used.

There are various types of minimalist home ceilings that you can find with their respective advantages.

Types of Minimalist Home Ceiling

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1. Plywood ceilings 

minimalist home ceilingSource: Austral Plywoods

Plywood wood plank material is one of the most widely used materials for minimalist home ceiling models.

Not only is it a favorite building material which is almost always found in the construction process, plywood is the preferred type of ceiling due to its relatively easy installation process.

Its availability in the market is also very stable, so it is easy to get and the ceiling price is quite affordable.

It is very suitable for those of you who are saving on budget plan expenses (RAB) in building a house.

Variations in the thickness of this wood-based material range from 3 mm, 4 mm, 5 mm, to 6 mm, and others.

2. Gypsum Ceiling Minimalist 

minimalist home ceilingSource: IndiaMART

Lots of simple minimalist home designs that use gypsum ceiling types in the interior area.

The installation method is easy and can be connected and closed perfectly, resulting in a neater appearance.

You can also get this minimalist home ceiling with a variety of motif options to suit your needs and tastes.

Wooden frames or furing are usually used as a partner for gypsum ceiling installation.

3. Plasterboard ceilings 

minimalist home ceilingSource: ESI Building Design

When compared to the two previous types, the plasterboard ceiling size is indeed much smaller, which is only about 100 x 50 cm.

But make no mistake, this little one is known for its fire resistance and is not easily damaged when exposed to water.

The thing that needs to be considered when installing this minimalist home ceiling model is the adjustment of the plasterboard sheet size with the frame.

This material is also quite brittle and easy to crack if installed.

So you have to be extra careful and careful so that your ceiling looks perfect.

4. Minimalist ceiling of GRC

minimalist home ceilingSource: Eastland Building Materials

Glassfiber Reinforced Cement Board or GRC is a type of ceiling made of a mixture of cement and glass chips with characteristics similar to plasterboard.

The difference is in the larger size around 120 x 240 cm.

Regarding the ability of fire and water resistance, this minimalist house ceiling also does not need to be doubted.

Although the installation process is relatively complicated and easily cracks if it is hit by the slightest impact.

It’s good to ask for professional help who are experts in installing GRC ceilings so that the ceiling appearance can be maximized and does not cause hair cracks.

5. Metal Ceiling 

minimalist home ceilingSource:

If you want to give an artistic touch in the interior of the house, this type of metal ceiling can be the right choice for you.

Armed with a thin metal plate, the ceiling surface of this minimalist house can be carved with any motif you want.

The finishing accent is in the form of oil paint that is used to coat this minimalist ceiling, making it look classic.

6. Acoustic Minimalist Home Ceiling 

minimalist home ceilingSource: IndiaMART

Peace and privacy are two things that are certainly needed at home.

To answer these needs, a minimalist acoustic type of home ceiling model can be used.

Acoustic ceilings are made from a basic material in the form of rockwool mineral fibers which are known to have high sound attenuation power when installed in a room.

No wonder that the application of this ceiling is often found in rooms such as auditoriums, music rooms, meeting rooms, meeting halls, and others.

Acoustic ceiling sheet sizes range between 60 x 60 cm and 60 x 120 cm.

The installation can be attached to a wooden frame or metal material that has been previously designed from the factory.

7. PVC ceiling

pvc ceiling

The last minimalist ceiling model is polyvinyl chloride (PVC) which is also commonly used as a pipe making material.

Among other types, PVC ceilings have the lightest weight with no less competitive advantages.

Thanks to the basic material in the form of PVC, this minimalist home ceiling is more waterproof and fire resistant, and anti-termite.



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