5 Choices of Small Sofas for Minimalist Homes or Studio Apartments


small sofas for minimalist homes – A large selection of small sofas designed by product designers for a minimalist home or studio apartment. What is the choice of a small sofa like.

This furniture is actually a sofa that can be separated into four parts, its function can be various.

This furniture can be arranged into a high sofa, two cushions, or a single bed.

This flexible and multifunctional sofa, named Urban Nomad, was designed by product designer Aniko Racz for the furniture brand Hannabi.

Hannabi is a company that holds the Hannabi furniture brand that was founded by Racz in 2010. 

The company that produces household furniture is headquartered in Hungary, an Eastern European country.

A Small Sofa That Can Be Assembled  

small sofa

Urban Nomad itself is part of the Box Hyperactive furniture system, furniture with a modular design. 

This sofa consists of two large rectangular pillows and is long, there are also two triangular bearings that can be used as a backrest.

This sofa has no support or legs, so the user can separate it into an adjacent seat.

Or the user stitches all the pieces together to be taller, this is the goal of modular furniture. 

If you want to join these two pads, the user only needs to join them by attaching the rubber part. 

This part becomes the union of the two sofa cushions, when it is glued together, the position remains stable, but also easy to remove.

In this sofa, there are hard wood parts and also upholstery designed for regular use.

Small Sofa for Urban People who Live in Small Shelters 

small sofa

Racz designed this Urban Nomad for people who live in cities and move a lot or those who live in small houses.

“It is very important that the residence should be flexible for use by families at different life stages,” said Hannabi CEO Janos Kemtyko, as quoted by Dezeen .

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