3 Different Types of Shelves That Can Enhance Your Home Decor

room decoration (Shutterstock) – Shelves are usually used as a place to store or put accessories in the house. Often the shelf is used to store books.

However, over time, the shapes of the shelves have begun to be diverse and unique. Many varieties and forms of shelves with geomertical shapes that seem rigid have begun to appear.

The shape of the shelves themselves can also be affected by their placement. If the shelf is placed under the stairs or attic of the house, it must automatically be adjusted to the available area.

Launching from the book ‘Ideas House Series: 80+ Storage Shelf’ by Imelda Akmal Architectural Writer Studio, Jakarta, Saturday (26/9/2020). Here are several types of shelves in residential areas.

1. Adjustable shelf

One type of problem encountered is regarding the height limit of shelf shelves that is too high. The shelf that functions as a storage area should be easily accessible to users when they want to pick up items inside.

This shelf option is often used for children who are experiencing a growth phase, because the child’s height will always be in line with their growing age.

2. Shelf planting

The remaining unused space in the corner of the house can be used as a planting or built-in shelf. Making this shelf is quite simple, the length and width of the shelves can be adjusted according to the size of the remaining space available.

3. Ready to use shelf

This type of shelf is found in many furniture stores. Various kinds, colors and shapes are selected from the shelves offered. The use of this shelf makes it easier for users than if users have to design the desired shelf themselves.


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