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15 Inspirational Fence Colors That Are Beautiful And Can Make People Enchanted

A number of house fence color inspirations will be presented. Don’t underestimate the exterior of the house because this is what people see for the first time.

What parts of the house do other people see first? Of course, the exterior of your house. 

Fences and gates, gardens, house walls, and house doors are part of what people see. 

The color of the fence is one of the things that people see, it becomes the main point when they see. 

When you give people clues about the house, you will usually tell the color of the fence. 

When you sell a house, potential buyers also look at the house from the outside by seeing the color of the fence, so don’t underestimate it. 

The  property site will provide some inspiration regarding cool fence colors. 

House Fence Color Design Inspiration

house fence color

1. Fence Is Brown 

The color of this house fence follows the color of the wood so that the fence is painted with varnish so that it looks beautiful. 

The combination of a concrete carport, wooden gate, and garden does show a house with a contemporary design. 

house fence color

2. Gray Fence 

One of the safe color options for home fences is a calm, gray color combined with wood material. 

Many people choose neutral colors like this because they don’t want to look tacky and flashy. 

house fence color

3. House with Black Fence 

The color of this iron house fence applies black, one of the colors often used for iron fences. 

Moreover, the fence and roof of the house have a matching color, this can be a tip for choosing the color of the house fence. 

house fence color

4. Fence Painted White 

White wooden fence is indeed a beautiful choice, the charm of the house looks more different. 

The color of the house fence like this does look classic, do you agree with a color choice like this? 

house fence color

5. Color choices are striking 

Dare to apply the color of the house fence like this, who is afraid, if indeed the house will look more attractive. 

The combination of red and white does not look too compatible, but there is an interesting main point. 

house fence color

6. Charming Brown Color 

This house combines the color of the fence, namely brown, combining exposed bricks and wood. 

Good fence paint color combination to combine shades of brown that are not too light. 

house fence color

7. Combining Concrete and Iron Fences 

The color of the iron house fence is indeed safer in the form of black, while the color of the concrete house fence can be white. 

The combination of two different materials and different colors makes the exterior of the house look even cooler. 

house fence color

8. Three Color Combinations of Fence Paint 

Houses in Indonesia often combine several colors at once, such as gray, purple, black and white. 

A striking color like this, there’s nothing wrong if you dare to apply it. 

house fence color

9. No Need to Be Afraid of Black 

The color of the iron house fence is indeed a lot of black like this house fence, but what is interesting is the exposed brick fence. 

This fence actually has the same color as the iron fence, both are black, but looks cool, right?

house fence color

10. Original Color of Concrete Fence 

The color of the latest house fence that shows exposed concrete is gray, in accordance with the architectural design of the house. 

A house with a contemporary or modern minimalist architectural design can feature an exposed concrete fence like this. 

house fence color

11. Fence with Roster 

This fence has a hole like a rooster or vent, with a minimalist gray color. 

A contemporary design house is certainly suitable to have a house fence like this, it could be your choice. 

house fence color

12. Green Color of Plants 

The contemporary minimalist fence color inspiration is to place vines like Lee Kuan Yew. 

This creeping plant can provide an attractive natural green color on the fence of the house. 

house fence color

13. Green from the combination of natural stone and vines 

If the wall is natural stone with natural colors, you can combine it with vines as the color of the house fence.

The vines can be a natural partition so that the house looks more private from people outside the house. 

house fence color

14. Wall Roster Design

This house with a modern minimalist design has a minimalist wall with a contemporary rooster. 

The gray color of the house fence matches the white wall paint of the house, looks minimalist, right? 

house fence color

15. Simple Minimalist Fence 

One of the tips for choosing a fence color is to match the color and exterior of the house. 

The fence of this house is gray, the gate is painted black, while the house paint is white, it still looks harmonious. 

Wow, there are also many choices of house fence colors that you can choose for site occupancy, don’t be confused. 

Source: artikel.rumah123.com

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