15 Attic Room Inspirations, Turns Out It Could Be An Additional Bedroom Too

image: – One of the forgotten parts of the house is the usually empty attic. There are a number of inspirational attic rooms for those who want to take advantage of them. 

Usually, Indonesians don’t take advantage of the attic and leave it just like that, empty and not a room. 

Most houses in Indonesia do have lofts that are narrow, adults have to duck when they are inside. 

However, there are also houses that have large attics, so at least adults can stand upright. 

There are development companies that make luxury homes with attic rooms, of course this is still rare. 

This attic room can be converted into an attic room that is used for a bedroom, sitting room, children’s play room, or others. 

Attic Room Inspiration 

attic room

1. Turning a Narrow Attic Into a Bedroom 

Usually, the attic roof is sloping, the size of the room is also limited, but it can be converted into a comfortable attic room. 

The mattress is placed without a bed, while the entire room uses white paint except for the roof structure. 

attic room

2. The Effect of White Paint in the Attic Room 

White paint can indeed give the effect of making the room more spacious like this minimalist attic room. 

In addition, this white paint also makes the room in the attic brighter because it reflects light. 

attic room

3. Hammock 

If the building structure is strong, you can install a hammock in the attic room. 

It’s great, if you can take a nap in a hammock like this, you can relax for a moment from your daily routine. 

attic room

4. Comfortable Sitting Room

This quirky loft room is a comfortable sitting area with a sofa and also a hammock. 

A sitting room like this can be a living room for close family or children’s friends who come to the house. 

attic room

5. Loft Room with Glass Ceiling 

One of the advantages of having a room in the attic is that it can have a skylight or a glass ceiling at the top. 

When it rains, of course you can look at the falling rainwater and also be able to see the stars and moon at night. 

attic room

6. Attic Rooms That Become Workspaces 

Still working from home, aka work from home ? Try turning the attic room into a comfortable work space. 

There is a work table and chairs, hanging chairs, comfortable seating in this room. 

attic room

7. Guest Bedroom 

This simple attic room contains only a bed, pillows, rugs, and nothing else. 

This room can be used as a guest bedroom if you often receive families who come. 

attic room

8. Minimalist attic rooms 

The room in the attic is minimalist, only contains a bed and a small table in the same color as the floor and roof. 

This minimalist attic room can be used as a guest bedroom or an additional bedroom for children. 

attic room

9. Family Relaxing Place 

Tired of gathering in the family room, just turn the attic room into a family relaxing place. 

Don’t forget to place carpets, mattresses to relax in, sofas, or others to make it more comfortable. 

attic room

10. Simple Attic Room 

This attic room is simple and minimalist, only with carpets, pillows, and other displays. 

If the room is narrow, you really can’t put a lot of things here, but the attic room can still be used as a lounge. 

attic room

11. Minimalist Loft Rooms for Teens 

This minimalist attic room design is suitable for teenage boys, there are no decorations except household furniture. 

There is only a bed, table, storage rack, television, and sitting lamp, really a minimalist attic room. 

attic room

12. Modern Minimalist Loft Rooms 

The design of this attic room is indeed modern minimalist with a selection of muted colors, namely gray. 

This bedroom also only has a bed, dressing table, and also plants in small pots, it’s really cool. 

attic room

13. Large Glass Ceiling 

This unique attic room has a large skylight or glass ceiling so that natural light can freely enter. 

In addition, the sloping roof is also an advantage and uniqueness of the attic room, so it makes a bedroom like this. 

attic room

14. Unique Attic Rooms 

The unique loft room is a large sitting room filled with long sofas and is also furnished with sofa cushions. 

If you often entertain guests at home, a room like this can be the right choice. 

attic room

15. Children’s Playroom 

The room in the attic can be used as a children’s playroom especially if the sons and daughters are still small. 

Don’t forget to put the floor sofa, sofa cushions, and children’s toys so they feel at home. 

Hmmm, there are also many inspirations for attic rooms at home, try to start converting this room. 



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