14 Credenza Designs Alias ​​Beautiful Buffet Tables

What kind of credenza design do you want to choose? Don’t be confused, there are many choices of buffet tables that are beautiful and can beautify the interior of the house.  What credenza? Usually people are not very familiar with credenza, even if they have one at home.

However, what about a buffet table? Well, if this is, surely everyone will know about it, you know.

Credenza is a side table (sideboard) that is usually placed in the dining room or family room.

Westerners know it as a sideboard or credenza, while Indonesians know it as a buffet table.

Credenza comes from Italian, has been known for a long time, and is one of the household items in the house.

This household furniture can be likened to a combination of a table with a storage cabinet.

The property site will provide a number of beautiful credenza designs that can enhance your home.

Credenza’s Enchanting Design 


1. Credenza with Many Drawers 

This credenza has a large number of drawers, perfect for those of you who need storage.

The color of this household furniture is indeed more dominated by wood, light brown or dark brown.


2. Classic Design 

This buffet table has a classic shape, maybe your grandparents or your parents have a similar design.

Don’t hesitate to ask them for an antique credenza and then combine it with the interior design of the house.


3. Contrast, Dark and Light Colors 

This credenza table is dark brown, inclined towards black with a classic, elegant design.

While the walls and doors are painted white, what a contrast, but this combination still looks harmonious.


4. Display on the table 

This minimalist credenza has three medium-sized drawers with a classic design, which can certainly beautify your family room.

You can put plants in pots, flower vases, books, or other displays to make them look more attractive.


5. Blend of Black and Brown Colors 

This buffet table has a combination of black and brown, black on black and the rest is brown.

Credenza is suitable to be installed in interior design rooms that apply light paint.


6. Elegant Design 

This credenza design is indeed classic and elegant, not only suitable for the home but also for the office credenza.

Maybe you have your own business, try putting a credenza in your den or meeting room.


7. TV sideboard

If you don’t like a short television table, try replacing it with a credenza.

The television can be mounted on the wall, sits on top of the credenza in a classic design in brown color and has glass drawers.


8. Minimalist Small Buffet Table 

This minimalist credenza is no less beautiful than other buffet tables, although it is smaller in size.

The design is minimalist, of course, reminiscent of similar furniture found in grandparents’ houses.


9. A Long Table 

If you have a large enough room, feel free to put down a long credenza like this.

The design is classic and elegant, of course it is suitable if your home does use a similar interior design.


10. Two Color Contrasts 

This buffet table is small, no less unique is the selection of different door colors, brown and white.

If you like Scandinavian or modern minimalist design, a credenza option like this is still suitable.


11. Switch to a different color

This credenza has a gray color, in contrast to the color of the buffet table previously reviewed.

This buffet table is certainly in accordance with a modern minimalist design house, surely your house is more beautiful.


12. Credenza with Motif 

Tired of plain buffet table designs, look for a printed credenza with dark and light colors like this.

The classic design can certainly strengthen the luxurious impression of the house, especially since there are golden shades on the legs of the table.


13. Elegant Dark Color 

This minimalist credenza has a dark color, classic design, which is a great choice for a family room.

You can put other decorations on the table or not, just adjust it to the interior design of the room.


14. Buffet Table with Modern Minimalist Design 

This credenza has a combination of white and light brown and has lots of storage drawers.

Of course, this buffet table is in accordance with the interior design of the house that applies modern minimalist.

Wow, there are also many credenza choices in the dining room or family room, you don’t need to choose one.



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