12 Modern Tropical House Design Inspirations

If you live in a tropical area, make a modern tropical house that adapts to the weather and the surrounding climate. There are many designs that serve as inspiration.

A tropical house is a house whose shapes and elements are designed to match and match the tropical nature. 

In fact, residential sites in Indonesia are unique because not many have applied tropical designs that have two seasons. 

When the Dutch colonized Indonesia, Dutch architects designed buildings that adapted to the natural surroundings. 

The Dutch heritage building has high ceilings, many windows and is large in size. 

The architect coped with tropical climates and weather with strong winds, high rainfall, and also high humidity. 

Uniquely, houses in Indonesia currently do not even have a modern tropical design to adapt to the tropical weather and climate. 

The property site will provide a number of modern tropical home design inspirations that can be customized in your home. 

Modern Tropical Home Design Inspiration

modern tropical house

1. Multiple Windows 

The ideal modern tropical house design with lots of windows to cool the house. 

One way to make a house cool is to have good ventilation like this. 

modern tropical house

2. Wall Roster For Air Ventilation 

There are many ways to get around hot air without using air conditioning, namely installing rooster walls. 

This tropical modern home design can be cool because air and sunlight can enter easily. 

modern tropical house

3. Wide Glass Windows and Doors 

This contemporary tropical home design features wide glass windows and doors for access to air and sunlight. 

In addition to ventilation, these glass doors and windows can be an access to see the beautiful scenery outside. 

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