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12 Minimalist Under-Stair Kitchen Inspirations for Small Homes

The bottom of the stairs can be used as a kitchen. What is the minimalist and functional kitchen under the stairs for a small house?

If you have a small two-story house, use the bottom of the stairs to become a kitchen, another solution is a cupboard or toilet. 

If you choose a kitchen with stairs, then the kitchen cannot be as large as usual because it takes up a narrow space. 

However, the kitchen can occupy the remaining space in the house, maximizing every corner of the house. 

Even though it is under the stairs, the kitchen still has a function as a place to cook even though it is minimalist and maybe cramped. 

The property site will thoroughly explore the kitchen inspiration under the stairs that can be applied in your home. 

Kitchen Design Under Stairs 

kitchen under the stairs

1. Modern Kitchen Design 

The kitchen under the stairs is quite large because the stairs to the second floor are quite high. 

The wooden kitchen set beautifies this kitchen, especially the glass staircase railing, while the anti-splash walls are black. 

kitchen under the stairs

2. The All-White Kitchen 

The choice of white in the kitchen is a classic option, the whole kitchen, starting from the kitchen table, kitchen set, and others are white. 

The kitchen looks clean and tidy and is in line with staircase paint, perfect for those of you who have a modern minimalist home. 

kitchen under the stairs

3. Beautiful Exposed Bricks 

The kitchen design under the stairs shows beautiful exposed bricks in some parts of the room. 

The architect placed a small kitchen under the stairs without railing, not forgetting there is a table for breakfast or meals. 

kitchen under the stairs

4. Minimalist Kitchen Under the Stairs 

This design shows a minimalist kitchen under the stairs, the kitchen is adjacent to the cafe-style dining room. 

The choice of stainless steel kitchen set can be combined with wood material on the stairs and dining table. 

kitchen under the stairs

5. Kitchen and Dining Room Blended in an Open Concept

The kitchen under this minimalist staircase turns out to be next to the kitchen, many people like this open concept. 

The ladder is high enough to make the kitchen more spacious so that cooking becomes more comfortable. 

kitchen under the stairs

6. Minimalist kitchen 

This picture not only shows a minimalist kitchen under the stairs, but also a minimalist staircase. 

This minimalist kitchen under the stairs is suitable for a house with a minimalist or modern minimalist design. 

kitchen under the stairs

7. Classic White 

The choice of white in the kitchen looks classic, the kitchen under the stairs looks tidier and cleaner. 

Architects get around the stairs, not only into a kitchen but also a storage area. 

kitchen under the stairs

8. Clean Kitchen Under the Stairs 

If the size of the house is large, you can have two kitchens, a clean kitchen and a dirty kitchen. 

The kitchen under the stairs can be used as a clean kitchen close to the dining room, which can be used to prepare drinks for guests. 

kitchen under the stairs


9. The combination of black and white 

This minimalist kitchen under the stairs combines black and white, a beautiful combination of monochrome colors. 

If you look at the design, the kitchen under the stairs is indeed a clean kitchen rather than a dirty kitchen. 

kitchen under the stairs

10. Kitchen and Breakfast Table 

This kitchen design with stairs shows the kitchen and bar table that can be used for breakfast. 

If you like to cook and often entertain friends, just use this place to relax together on weekends. 

kitchen under the stairs

11. Simple Kitchen Design 

If you look at the picture of the kitchen design under the stairs, you can see a simple kitchen with an ordinary stove. 

A design like this is certainly typical of a simple Indonesian kitchen, it can be an inspiration if you have limited funds. 

kitchen under the stairs

12. Minimalist Combination of Kitchen and Stairs 

The kitchen and also the stairs are designed minimalist, the stairs do not have railings, while the kitchen does not have many decorations. 

The kitchen set also has lots of storage drawers, perfect for those of you who have lots of cutlery and cooking utensils. 

You don’t need to be confused about determining the kitchen design under the stairs, there are many pictures that can provide inspiration. 

Sumber: artikel.rumah123.com

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