12 Best Hits Minimalist Door Models 2020


The design is beautiful and easy to imitate in a small house, let’s take a peek at the inspiration for the most hits minimalist door models in 2020!


Not only is it an aspect of home security, door features with a stunning design can help you improve the appearance of your overall residence. 

In 2020, you can find inspiration for the most popular minimalist home door designs.

The most popular minimalist door model inspiration

Take a peek at the collection of the best modern minimalist home door ideas below, let’s!

1. Blends with the interior 

minimalist doorSource:

The uniqueness that makes this minimalist door different from the others is its design which is made to match the interior of the house. 

As a result, when the door is fully opened, the interior appearance looks harmonious with the beautiful surface of the door. 

2. Invisible handle 

minimalist doorSource:

The door handle feature can also provide an interesting touch to enhance the appearance of the residence. 

For the interior area, you can use an iron handle which almost doesn’t look like the example in the picture. 

3. Height Touching Ceiling 

minimalist doorSource: Pinterest

Playing with minimalist wooden doors like the following inspiration is also worth trying in a small Japanese-style house . 

The shape of the door is custom made with a high precision that touches the ceiling of the house. 

4. The Masculine Black Color 

minimalist doorSource:

For interior lovers with a more masculine feel, the next idea is specially made for you. 

The shape of an iron door covered with jet black paint with a matte finish can be the main element for an interior that looks more masculine. 

5. Minimalist Wardrobe Doors 

minimalist doorSource: Pinterest

Twins but different, the appearance of this minimalist door model does make you have to rack your brain first. 

This is because the material and shape of the wood used for the wardrobe door are made exactly the same as the ceiling above.  

6. Colored Plywood Board 

minimalist doorSource:

The architectural trend that hit in 2019 was the use of minimalist door models with plywood material given custom colors 

Colors for plywood can be made according to taste and follow the interior theme at the installation point later. 

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