11 These House Number Designs Make Your Home Different From The Others!

House number designs are often considered as aesthetic elements. Check out the 11 best inspirations that you can apply at home in full.


House number design is a form of installation art that can be applied to home exteriors.

Because, this number generates a unique inspiration so that it is often created with various types.

Even though it prioritizes functional elements, the aesthetics of number design must still be considered to produce different characters for the residents of the house.

So, what is the unique and feasible house number design applied to the front of the house? Listen to the discussion together!

This house number design inspiration deserves to be copied to add aesthetic impression 

If you want home inspiration with instagramable effects, the house number design can be an interesting element.

You can also copy some of the beautiful number design inspiration as follows. 

1. Minimalist style with a firm aluminum texture 

house numberSource:

In addition to the design of the house building, minimalist elements that deserve to be applied are numbers and minimalist home identification.

Meanwhile, the right element in designing this minimalist number has an aluminum shape with firm lines.

The firm lines are not only straight, but also have a balanced curve. 

2. In the form of brick and wood with minimalist numeric font 

house numberSource:

For those of you who have a preference for industrial-themed houses, brick and wood themes are the right inspiration for house numbering.

You can also make these minimalist numbers as a unique and aesthetic type of decoration on your front page. 

3. House number with three-dimensional effect 

house numberSource: YouTube Top 7 Tips

You need to know, house numbering is an interesting installation art to apply.

One of the things you can do is design the number with a three-dimensional effect.

You can also string the number by adding a minimalist downlight accent behind the number. 

4. Installation of nails forming house numbers 

house numberSource:

Although for some people it is quite scary, nail installation can produce an aesthetically pleasing home inspiration.

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