11 Minimalist Home Interior Designs from Living Room, Kitchen, Bedroom, to Kitchen


Minimalist design is the choice of many people for home interiors. There are a number of minimalist home interior designs that can be an inspiration.

Maybe for some of the millennial generation, the classic design style is more suitable for their parents. 

The contemporary interior design that suits millennials is minimalism, modern minimalist, Scandinavian, shabby chic , industrial, and others. 

Minimalist home interior design is indeed an option because of the current design style. 

This style is suitable for those of you who have a house with a limited area, aka a small house in the cluster. 

property site will provide inspiration for minimalist home interior design for you. 

The designs that are presented start from the living room, dining room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, to the garden. 

Minimalist Home Interior Design Inspiration 

minimalist home interior design

1. Living Room with an Open Concept

This living room blends with the dining room as well as the kitchen in an open concept, a design that is starting to like. 

The minimalist type 36 home interior design is indeed suitable for a house that has a building area of ​​36 m2. 

minimalist home interior design

2. Comfortable Sitting Room 

This sitting room design is indeed comfortable, the room also shows a minimalist home interior design. 

There are not many items and knick-knacks in the room, only sofa cushions and plants. 

minimalist home interior design

3. Spacious bedroom 

The minimalist home interior design in this bedroom shows a spacious, neat and orderly room. 

Not only that, this bedroom does not display many decorations and shows a minimalist side. 

minimalist home interior design

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