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11 Minimalist Door Handle Design Inspirations that Look Attractive at Home

Minimalist door handle is one of the elements that is often considered by residents of the house. Check out 11 interesting design inspirations that you can replicate in full.

minimalist door handle

Minimalist door handle is one element that is very important to pay attention to the occupants of the house.

Not only functional factors, but also aesthetic value that is in line with the door and the whole house.

Generally, for some people, door handle design is required to have very good attention to detail, so that it can become an attractive home mix. 

If you are a perfectionist, surely the door handle is one part that must be adjusted from the design side.

There are several minimalist door handle designs that can be applied at home to make it look aesthetically pleasing.

What is the anti-mainstream minimalist handle design like? Check out the discussion together below. 

The inspiration for this minimalist door handle is worthy of your imitation with a unique and aesthetic design 

To increase the aesthetic element, the following minimalist door handle designs can be interesting examples that you can apply to your home door.

The following door handle designs look aesthetically pleasing without compromising on the functional aspects.

1. Minimalist and Firm 

minimalist door handleSource: designboom.com

This door handle decoration has a minimalist black inspiration, but looks firmly encircling the side of the house door.

In general, this minimalist black door handle looks harmonious with a luxurious, monochrome accented house.

2. The form of installation art 

minimalist door handleSource: darmalihandle.com

In addition to function, combining installation art on door handles can be an interesting inspiration. 

The installation form in this image looks attractive and is very feasible to apply if the house door has a retractable direction. 

3. Large minimalist push wood 

minimalist door handleSource: kaadesigngroup.com

Minimalist wood accents are one of the design inspirations that look aesthetically pleasing to the door handles of the house.

You can also take inspiration from a minimalist push wooden handle, if the house door has a large size and extends vertically.

4. Resembles fireworks 

minimalist door handleSource: philipwattsdesign.com

If you want a door handle as part of your home decor, a fireworks theme can be the right choice.

 You can also combine the fireworks theme with gold door handles, giving it an aesthetic impression. 

 5.   Three-dimensional decoration 

minimalist door handleSource: static1.squarespace.com

To create a rustic impression , this decorative door handle can be an interesting choice and inspiration.

Because, this minimalist door handle looks beautiful with a three-dimensional striped effect.

 6.   Shaped like a bag handle 

minimalist door handleSource: Pinterest

Bag handle inspiration is not only to make it easier for you when going and walking, but also as one of the most aesthetic inspirations. 

 Apart from being aesthetically pleasing, the door handle looks practical and easy for many people to open. 

 7.   Hidden 

minimalist door handleSource: thearchitectsdiary.com

On several occasions, there are some people who prefer the hidden door preference. 

You can also apply hidden doors to create a clean-looking home inspiration on the exterior of the house. 

8. Gold color with bottle opener inspiration 

minimalist door handleSource: Pinterest

To produce a minimalist yet glamorous inspiration, a gold accent with a bottle opener theme can be an attractive choice on the main door of the house. 

9.   Door handle with decorative natural texture 

minimalist door handleSource: brabbu.com

Not only iron and aluminum elements, natural inspiration with the form of rocks can be an interesting example that you can imitate.

 Generally, these natural rock themes and textures are often used in many luxurious minimalist homes. 

10.  Minimalist horse head shape 

minimalist door handleSource: lonny.com

If you like the themes of living things, minimalist horse inspiration can be a luxurious and aesthetically pleasing door handle.

Generally, applications in the form of a horse’s head are often found in classic minimalist themed house inspiration.

11. Minimalist wood that matches the door 

minimalist door handleSource: archiproducts.com

Apart from aluminum, the minimalist and aesthetically pleasing wood accent inspiration can be an attractive accent on the side of the door handle in a horizontal form.

Meanwhile, the wood accent looks luxurious and is in line with the minimalist house door.  

Sumber: artikel.rumah123.com

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