11 choices of beautiful, classic, elegant, and futuristic wooden guest chairs


Wooden chairs are still an option for household furniture. There are a number of choices of wooden guest chairs that have beautiful, classic, elegant, and futuristic designs.

Since long time ago, wooden furniture is still an option, especially wooden guest chairs with various designs.

Although nowadays, people prefer a sofa to be placed in the living room, but the charm of wooden guest chairs is not fading.

Sofa does have the advantage because it has a variety of beautiful coverings such as fabric, velvet, leather, and others.

However, many wooden guest chairs have contemporary designs that can beautify the room.

You can place one or two wooden guest chairs with a cool design to put in the living room.

Choice of Wooden Guest Chairs
wooden guest chairs

1. Wooden Chair for Veranda
This teak wood guest chair can be an option for those of you who want to place it on the porch or terrace.

The choice of wood and green color combinations will certainly beautify the interior design of your home.

wooden guest chairs

2. Wooden and Rattan Chairs
This wooden guest chair is a combination of wooden chairs and rattan chairs, it can also be the right choice.

The choice of red is combined with sofa cushions of various colors, while the table has a Chinese table design.

wooden guest chairs

3. Minimalist Wooden Guest Chairs
More and more product designers are releasing minimalist wooden guest chairs like this, Scandinavian-style designs.

There is a combination of wood, rattan, and sofa cushions that make this minimalist wooden guest chair look classic.

wooden guest chairs

4. Classic Guest Chairs
The design of this guest chair is also similar to the previous wooden guest chair, only different in the seat.

Guest chairs like this are really classic, right, perfect for a sitting room in one corner of the house.

wooden guest chairs

5. Vintage Design Guest Chairs
If a guest chair like this is of course an ancient design, yes, classic but it can add a vintage feel to the living room.

If you have a guest chair inherited from your grandparents, just restore it so that this wooden guest chair looks newer.

wooden guest chairs

6. Ottoman Style Chair
Want to put a chair without a backrest in one corner of the house, then this wooden guest chair can be an option.

This chair is indeed similar to the Ottoman style, a chair that has no backrest, the design of this chair is really elegant, right?

wooden guest chairs

7. Chairs and Cabinets
This wooden guest chair is unique because it combines chairs and also a small storage or cupboard.

This guest chair model is really old school, but if your house has a vintage, traditional, or eclectic design, it is certainly suitable.

wooden guest chairs

8. Origami Design Chairs
The design of this chair seems stiff, but a modern feel is very visible, surely you want to put it in the living room.

This chair has an origami design, the Japanese art of folding paper that has been famous for a long time.

wooden guest chairs

9. Combination of Rattan and Wood
This living room wooden chair is indeed a combination of wood and rattan, perfect for sitting and receiving guests.

This wooden chair model for the living room is certainly suitable if your home is in a traditional or eclectic style.

wooden guest chairs

10. Unique Guest Chairs
Want to relax while receiving guests, just try installing a chaise lounge with a chair without a back.

This chair is made of wood and rattan material, this combination is just right for a beautiful wooden guest chair.

wooden guest chairs

11. Unusual Guest Chairs Design
This guest chair is indeed simple and minimalist, because it is in the form of an arch and is also straight on the legs.

A futuristic nuance can be seen in this chair, the guest chair design is indeed unusual, please put a chair like this in the living room.

Wow, there are also many choices of wooden guest chairs to place in the living room, all cool designs, right?



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