10 Unique Wall Clock Designs, Don’t Forget The Clock Can Be A Home Decoration

Unique Wall Clock Designs – If you want to beautify your room or home decor, just try installing a unique wall clock at home, there are many choices of unusual designs and shapes.

One of the ways to beautify the house is to install an attractive decoration on the wall or wall. 

The decoration that can be added is a unique wall clock because of its unusual shape or color. 

Clock is not only a timepiece, but can be a decoration that changes the interior design of the house. 

Don’t be surprised if many clock manufacturers make wall clocks with unique and attractive shapes. 

So that you are not curious about what, what are the 10 unique wall clock shapes for you. 

Property site will provide pictures of unique wall clocks that can be installed at home. 

Unique Wall Clock Design 

unique wall clock

1. Clock decorated with dominoes 

This unique and funny wall clock installs a domino game as a clockwise numerals, really unique. 

When viewed, this clock is simple because it is made of wood, but what is unique is the installation of domino games.

unique wall clock

2. Minimalist Wall Clock 

Unique wooden wall clock with minimalist design, box-shaped, without numbers indicating the time. 

The combination of brown and black on this watch makes this watch an option for your home. 

unique wall clock

3. Simple Wall Clock

This clock is certainly simple and can answer how to easily make a unique wall clock. 

In fact, making wall clocks is easy because you only need to buy a machine and attach it to the desired object. 

unique wall clock

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