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10 Modern Minimalist Kitchen Set Designs, Suitable For Small Kitchens in Your Home

Modern Minimalist Kitchen Set Designs – A series of modern minimalist kitchen set designs can inspire a small kitchen in your home. What are the design drawings like?

Modern minimalist kitchen set can be an option for those of you who have a kitchen that is not too big. 

Minimalist style that doesn’t have a lot of decorations so it looks simpler and wider. 

In addition, this modern minimalist kitchen set is also easier to clean because you don’t need to get rid of decorations. 

For those who don’t have an idea of ​​what a modern minimalist kitchen set looks like, you can see this row of pictures. 

The property site will explain a number of modern minimalist kitchen sets for the small kitchen in your home. 

Modern Minimalist Kitchen Set Design 

modern minimalist kitchen set

1. Kitchen Set In Gray 

This modern minimalist kitchen set image shows the kitchen with gray in all parts.

This kitchen has a bar table that can be used for breakfast and is also adjacent to the dining room. 

modern minimalist kitchen set

2. The combination of black and white 

This modern minimalist kitchen set design shows a combination of black and white, the perfect blend. 

The modern minimalist kitchen set is black while the kitchen table is white, you can choose marble or quartz stone for the kitchen table. 

modern minimalist kitchen set

3. White Color Becomes Classic Choice 

The minimalist luxury and classic kitchen set model is the white color choice in all parts of the kitchen. 

Starting from the kitchen set, kitchen table, anti-splash walls, and others, this color choice is indeed beautiful. 

modern minimalist kitchen set

4. Small Kitchen 

Minimalist kitchen set design for a small kitchen and directly adjacent to the dining room. 

The choice of color and design shows a modern minimalist kitchen set, perfect for a small house or apartment. 

modern minimalist kitchen set

5. Small kitchen in a minimalist apartment or house 

Minimalist kitchen sets, small kitchens are designed for apartments or minimalist homes with a limited area. 

There is no dining room, only a bar table that can be used for dining, choosing a soft color is also recommended. 

modern minimalist kitchen set

6. Luxury-Looking Kitchen 

This luxurious minimalist kitchen set model shows a luxurious and elegant kitchen, thanks to the black color selection.

Don’t forget to install a pendant lamp in the kitchen as an accent decoration that beautifies the room. 

modern minimalist kitchen set

7. Choosing Wood and Natural Stone Materials 

This minimalist small kitchen set chooses wood and natural stone material on the kitchen table, there are no cabinet shelves or drawers. 

If the kitchen is small, it doesn’t hurt to choose a kitchen design like this, there are no drawers. 

modern minimalist kitchen set

8. Tiny Kitchen 

The modern minimalist kitchen set design shows the small kitchen in the apartment, there is only a bar table. 

A splash-proof wall featuring exposed bricks adds another touch to this tiny kitchen. 

modern minimalist kitchen set

9. Don’t get bored with white 

Modern minimalist kitchen set design certainly gives an idea that white is classic. 

Light colors give the small kitchen at home a spacious, clean and bright impression. 

modern minimalist kitchen set

10. Aluminum Minimalist Kitchen Set

Aluminum kitchen sets can be a choice of material for you, apart from wood, natural stone, and others. 

This minimalist aluminum kitchen set gives a different touch to the kitchen in your home. 

After seeing many pictures of modern minimalist kitchen sets, you can find information about the price of a minimalist kitchen set. 

You can find out the price of a modern minimalist kitchen set 2020 or a minimalist 2020 kitchen set.

Source: artikel.rumah123.com

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