10 Minimalist Living Room Designs Size 3 x 3 for Small Houses

Minimalist Living Room Designs – Small houses usually have a living area measuring 3 × 3 meters. With limited space, take advantage of intelligent interior design , especially for the design of the living room. Minimalist living room design size 3 × 3 can be the main option for small homes. Carrying the principle of “Less is More”, a minimalist 3 × 3 size living room design eliminates elements that are truly unimportant and prioritizes functions without leaving appearance.

To inspire you in determining the minimalist 3×3 size living room design, Kania has prepared a list of 10 3×3 minimalist living room design inspirations for a small home that is Kania’s favorite!

1. Minimalist 3 × 3 size living room design by Decor Aid

Minimalist living room design 3x3 size by Decor Aid

Every beautiful house has unique stories behind it. For this house, the story begins with a pair of lovers who are still young – the husband comes from England and his wife comes from the United States, where they need renovation of a minimalist 3×3 size living room design with a modern nuance to welcome their first baby.

This small family works with Decor Aid, an interior design firm based in Manhattan, United States. From an ordinary and old-fashioned house, the design team brought a modern and luxurious minimalist 3 × 3 size living room design.


The walls of this house are coated with white paint and combined with black tones for window and door framing . This minimalist 3 × 3 size living room design utilizes simple but luxurious decorations such as a round wooden table with marble lining as a base and a long cream-colored sofa . Minimalist design room size 3 × 3 should not be excessive so that the living room does not look cramped.

2. Appear “modest” with a minimalist living room design size 3 × 3
This one living room really carries the principles of minimalist design well. Not excessive and improvised, minimalist living room design size 3 × 3 utilizes colorful decorations in the middle of the all-white living room to provide an attractive feel.

Appear- "improvised" -with-the-minimal-size-living-room-size-3x3-1162361492-1509703247466.jpg

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10 Living Room Design Minimalist

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