10 Minimalist Kitchen Design Inspirations with Modern Nuances for Tiny Dwellings

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The combination of minimalist design and modern nuances presents a stylish, yet warm and homey kitchen when occupied.

minimalist kitchen design

Kitchen is one of the important losses in a dwelling. 

This is because this area is often referred to as the heart of the house. 

The kitchen becomes the center of activities for family members to gather, both in the morning at breakfast and at night at dinner. 

For this reason, many people make this area as comfortable as possible for residents of the house. 

One of them is by applying a minimalist kitchen design with a modern feel. 

The combination of minimalist design and modern nuances presents a stylish, yet warm and homey kitchen when occupied. 

What’s more, for those of you who have occupancy with limited space, the modern minimalist concept will also make the kitchen look spacious and clean. 

Here are 10 minimalist kitchen design inspirations that you can present in a small residence:

Wood Material

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The combination of white and wood material is always the right choice. 

Besides making the kitchen look clean, wood material also brings a warm impression to the room. 

This interior will be suitable to be applied to a minimalist residence that does not have many items. 

One of the focuses on this minimalist kitchen design lies in the minimal use of decorations. 

This will make this area look wider, so you will feel more comfortable when cooking. 

Monochrome Shades

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Who says you can’t apply monochrome color to a minimalist kitchen?

As long as you can adjust the color intensity of both, your kitchen will look elegant without looking stuffy. 

If you apply black to the kitchen set, make sure your kitchen island table is white, and vice versa. 

This will bring balance to the kitchen so that your kitchen will not look too dark. 

Kitchen Floor Accents

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You can present a clean and spacious kitchen without being monotonous by giving a statement. 

If usually the statement is in the wall area, try occasionally applying it to the floor area. 

Use tiles with a slightly striking motif to give a fresh feel to your kitchen area. 

Add Ornamental Plants

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Give fresh air in your kitchen area by adding ornamental plants in it. 

You can use a variety of plant sizes, from small to large. 

Adjust to the area of ​​the room, so that your kitchen still looks neat. 

Sufficient Natural Lighting

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Another alternative to give the kitchen a spacious and not stuffy impression is to provide sufficient lighting. 

You can make a window that is rather large in the kitchen area of ​​the house. 

Apart from making the kitchen bright, you can’t save electricity at home. 

Give it a touch of green

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Don’t be afraid to give color to your kitchen even with a minimalist concept. 

You can apply this green color to keep the kitchen looking cool. 

However, make sure you don’t apply it throughout the kitchen area so it doesn’t look too much. 

White Dominance

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Adding white to your entire kitchen is not a bad idea. 

Because, white can make the kitchen look spacious and clean. 

However, make sure you always keep your kitchen clean, because white tends to get dirty quickly. 

Add small ornamental plants in several corners so that it doesn’t look monotonous. 

Patterned Walls

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Using ceramic motifs in the kitchen can be the right choice for your minimal kitchen to make it look lively. 

However, make sure you don’t use a motif that is too busy so that your kitchen still looks simple but sweet. 

You can combine it with neutral or pastel colors. 

Outdoor Kitchen

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Want a natural feel in your kitchen?

Try making your kitchen in an open area, for example in the backyard. 

That way, you look bright without the need to turn on the lights during the day. 

Apply Marble in the Kitchen

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Your kitchen can look modern and luxurious by using marble. 

Try applying this material to your kitchen island table 



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