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10 Inspiration for Laundry Racks at Home | Come on, make your home more neat

Inspiration for Laundry Racks at Home – Don’t underestimate the service room like the laundry room . Make sure that this room has a laundry rack so that your washing activities become easier.

For those who buy a house from a development company, usually have difficulty having a service room. 

Not all developers have designed a service room, aka a laundry room, for washing, drying and ironing clothes. 

Even those of you who build your own house don’t usually prepare a laundry room or service room. 

Usually, the service room only uses the area behind the house by installing the roof only. 

Actually, you can prepare this laundry room or laundry room well by placing a laundry table and laundry rack. 

This must be done so that washing clothes is easier and also dirty clothes are not messy. 

The property site will provide a number of inspiring pictures of laundry racks in the laundry room. 

Laundry Rack Design 

laundry rack

1. Installing a minimalist laundry rack 

How do you make a laundry rack? Instead of getting dizzy, you can install a minimalist laundry rack that is sold in furniture stores. 

This minimalist shelf can be a place to put detergents, fragrances and fabric softeners, bleach, and more. 

laundry rack

2. Shelves and Hanging Places for Clothes 

Usually the service room at home is indeed narrow, you can design a laundry rack design like this. 

There is a washing machine, a place to store dirty clothes, a place to put detergent, and a place for drying clothes. 

laundry rack

3.Tidy Laundry Rack Design 

This laundry room includes many functions, from a place to put dirty clothes, a place to wash clothes, to iron clothes. 

The design also has Scandinavian nuances with soft colors, don’t get me wrong the laundry room can be cool too. 

laundry rack

4. Small Laundry Room 

Usually, the laundry room is also near the bathroom or toilet as is the design of this laundry room. 

As usual, you really have to take advantage of the vertical part of the space by installing a laundry rack. 

laundry rack

5. Simple Laundry Room 

There is nothing wrong with creating a simple laundry room like the design of this space. 

However, this service room still has equipment such as washing machines, laundry racks, ironing boards, and others. 

laundry rack

6. Laundry Room in a Narrow Room 

Of course, laundry room designs like this are commonplace in Indonesia, a service room in the corner of the house. 

How to make a simple laundry rack is certainly easy, because the space is narrow, you cannot place a large laundry rack. 

laundry rack

7. Lots of Laundry Racks 

You can install laundry racks in large quantities to put detergent, clothes deodorizer, and bleach. 

Usually, detergents for washing colored clothes, white clothes, and batik can be distinguished. 

laundry rack

8. Large Laundry Rack Design 

This laundry rack image shows a large shelf design, of course, the service space is indeed wider. 

This laundry room has a laundry table to put detergent, deodorizer and fabric softener, to bleach. 

laundry rack

9. Laundry Rack for Two Washing Machines

This laundry rack is in the corner of the room, while two washing machines are placed in this design to save space. 

This laundry rack design is of course to get around the spacious laundry room which is usually small. 

laundry rack

10. Hanging Rack for Drying Clothes 

Because the service space is narrow, try installing a hanging rack to dry the clothes so that they are tidier. 

In addition, the presence of a laundry rack makes the laundry room more neat and clean. 

Wow, there are many laundry rack designs and inspirations for the laundry room or laundry room at home. 

Source: artikel.rumah123.com

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